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Im sorry but no this is not acceptable nor is it somethimg you should have to tolerate. Your ex partner is not treating you with any kind of respect that you deserve and witholding money from you is financial coercion and thats a form of abuse. At the end of the day that money is supposed to provide for the kids so he is basically making them suffer too. As for him giving your 14 year old daughter cigarettes – not only is that undermining you as her mother but that is purposely giving your daughter an addictive substance illegally due to her age which is disgusting behaviour. Yes she may go find a way to get them anyway but he should in no way be making it easier for her or encouraging the habit. I know steroids can have a massive impact on moods etc but I dont believe this behaviour can entirely be blamed on the steroids themselves, sounds to me more like his true personality is beginning to show now that he has the confidence. Obviously thats just my speculation though as I don’t know the guy personally. You do not have to put up with this and you shouldn’t put up with it. What kind of an example is that setting to your children? Would you want them to be treated like that or treat someone like that? Cause if the answer is no then you need to take action. Just cause this guy is on steroids doesnt give him an excuse or justification for this behaviour. Put your foot down and tell him that if it continues then you will take action to protect yourself and the kids from his harmful behaviour. You’re within your rights to do so. Tell him he needs to get help to deal with his problems for the sake of the kids and ask him what is more important – his roids or his kids? If this doesnt shock some sense into him then you need to seek some help perhaps from some kind of womens aid charity or maybe even a steroid abuse suppprt group who may be able to give you some more accurate info and advice as to what you can do in this situation. I would also speak to a solicitor about him breaking the contact arrangements and witholding money. I hope this offers you some help and Im sorry you are going through this but as I said his steroid use does not excuse his behaviour and you should not have to endure it. Be strong and dont feel you have to put up with any of that inexcusable behaviour. Stay safe