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Unless you have a court order then yes technically she can stop you seeing the child but a judge wont look kindly on that when it does come to court. Basically a judge is only interested in the best interest of the child and unless either of you can provide sufficient evidence that the other one poses some kind of physical or emotional risk to the child then a judge will almost always grant access to both parents. As previously said by others make sure all communication is either via solicitors letters or by messaging (whatsapp or text etc) so that there is a written record of everything exchanged between the two of you. Remain civil and polite at all times. And ensure everything you discuss is focused solely on the child and the interests of the child. Also make sure you pay your child support even if you are not getting access. Legally you have an obligation to pay whether you have access or not plus if you stop paying on the grounds of not getting access a judge would see that as you acting petty and depriving the child out of spite. Every week get in touch with her politely asking for temporary access to be arranged until the matter can be finalized in court, even if its just a video call with the child. If she refuses ask her why she has refused so you’ve got evidence of her reasons for refusing access. And keep things calm all the way through until a judge makes a ruling on the matter. But if you haven’t done so already try and get yourself a solicitor. Hope this helps and stat safe