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I am a single parent but not with a degenerative illness. However I can tell you that it is completely understandable for you to be feeling mentally and physically exhausted- that is a lot to be dealt in such a short period of time! I do believe if you were to search online for whatever your particular illness is you would most likely find some form of support groups that could be of use to you by speaking to others with the same condition as well as some informational websites. There perhaps could also be charities that may be able to offer you some help although don’t quote me on that as its impossible to say for sure without knowing the illness you’ve been diagnosed with. It may be worth also speaking to your doctor again and explaining your situation – despite there being a pandemic mental health is still extremely important and Doctors will still offer you whatever help they can. You sound like you’re trying to be very strong but there is no shame in saying you are struggling to cope and asking for help – plenty of both men and women have sought help when they’ve needed it. You are not alone in this. It could also be worth getting in touch with your daughters school and explaining your diagnoses and that you are going through a seperation. The school may be able to offer additional support to your daughter. As for the social distancing etc I believe that is a matter you need to discuss with your ex and broach the fact that you have concerns for everyone in the household if social distancing is not being adhered to. I hope this is of some help and here’s hoping you and your family stay safe during these worrying times