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I really feel for you. I remember the the pain of a relationship being described as domestic abuse, and then it became obvious that was what it was although I was still trying to deny it. That was some years ago.

The custody battle through the courts was draining, emotionally and financially. There was a lot to learn, not only about the legal system but also perpetrators of DV, and the taboo element within society.

The lawyers and contact centres were not able to protect me from the manipulative behavior initially, but I learned a lot along the way. Finally I had to appeal and litigate in person, his behaviour was his own undoing.

It is a very sad situation, please take care of yourself. You can’t get enough support in this situation, and what you do get depends on the experience of those you interact with. But take what feels helpful without guilt (this was another steep learning curve). Remember to find some ways, however small, to nurture yourself, the self care will help you to make better choices.

Take care of yourself 💐