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My lads coming up to 2 and a half, and I started with him maybe a little before he was 2. I was lucky though I suppose, in that it was blatantly obvious when he was going to go, for a number two at least. He’d either hide behind a door and go very quiet, or if I could actually see him, he’d have a very bulgy eyed look on his face, and stand in a sort of semi-squat position. It was at these prompts, I’d nip him into the bathroom, nappy off and sit him on the kids reducer seat thingy (with varying degrees of success initially). Now hes a bit older its getting easier because he can actually voice that he wants a poo, which isnt always what happens, I think because the pull ups are getting warm, hes associating a pee with a poo. Not a problem as such.

So thats where we are at the moment, the twos are pretty much taking care of themselves, its just the number ones we are slightly struggling with as we don’t know what they’re called yet. And I do try and give as much nappy off time as possible, and have a potty at hand, theres a limit how much I can do it as I don’t want there being puddles all over the carpets. So any tips on number ones would be great too, sorry if I hijacked that a bit.