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Just let you know I met up with him yesterday for a chat…he wouldnt sit down . Just stood there…he had a whole attitude as didnt care..said he got fed up with Sunday cos of my attitude and he didnt want me in the house so threw me out….(background)..we got house year ago through council as was overcrowded in his flat cos of the boys as me and boys moved into his 1 bed council flat.. so got offered 2 bed house..I couldn’t go on the tenancy till year later as not in the area long enough and he was long standing tenant that was april just gone….he told me in April he wont put me on the tenancy as I got kids…as worried as soon as I got on it I kick him out…that broke my heart as that’s whole reason we got the house to be a family home. To.make us permanent. …my family said it was a control thing…as in arguments he always said my house,my TV my garden,  my house,  my rules etc…..spioke to him yesterday about alot of stuff and alot he blamed on me and wanted me to change. My.moods etc etc  but everything he did was ok..all his mood swings slagging off was ok as it was my fault..he was getting mad talking as didnt want to talk he just wanted me home….during that talk he said under no circumstances you will ever go on the tenancy so stop bringing it up….so in the end I said no more my kids come first..I ended it….I am devastated…never really thought we would end…..our belongings getting collected today as I cant face going back there..totally devastated….