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Your ex sounds like my ex.

I also had support from woman’s aid and domestic abuse support to leave.

I left at 6 months pregnant. Was given the same legal advice so felt like there was no hope so went back with my baby girl when she was one month old. During that time his name was put on the birth certificate so he has PR ( parental rights) the abuse continued. I was advised by children services and domestic abuse to leave so a month later I did.

A year on ive tried to allow him contact with our daughter every two weeks he drives three hours to see her but the manipulation begins again. Trying to get me back. The wooing then gifts for me and our daughter, being kind. All very similar to when we first met. All to get me to move back.

The visits are emotionally and mentally draining.

I dread every two weeks. And relief when he’s gone.

It disrupts our daughter ( 1yr) she doesn’t know who is but I’m scared to stop contact  just in case he goes to court and gets access. And takes my baby 120 miles away every two weeks without me being there at all to protect her.

Having a child with emotionally and physically abusive people means that they never are actually out of your life until they find a new victim and forget about you ( either forever or temporarily) which is what I’m hoping for.

Sorry it isn’t more positive.

I completely understand how you feel xx