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Thanks Stephanie. As if pregnancy emotions aren’t hard enough. It does feel like I haven’t been able to enjoy being pregnant. Then in no time at all baby will be here & I’m worried that will be hard because I’ll be doing that alone too.

In a way it’s making it easier that he doesn’t care, but hard that I think of the years, time & energy wasted on him. I’ve thought many times that I wished I hadn’t got pregnant & that makes me sad.

I’ve woke up feeling ‘ok’, I’m just going to ask him if he wants to sort out how this will work, seeing his daughter & baby, I need to put things in place as I’ll be giving birth alone & the only person to look after my daughter is my older daughter who lives 2 hours away.

Just hope for both of us it gets easier & we can enjoy the rest of our pregnancies, our children & one day move on & be happy with someone we deserve x