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Hey everyone 🙂

Stephanie- my apologies, I didn’t realise your ex had been doing those things. I take back some of my advice – it doesn’t sound as though he has the emotional maturity to be a half-decent partner, let alone a role model to his child.

For what it’s worth, I think you have approached this in an extremely mature and thoughtful manner; the fact that you are still willing to speak to him and discuss his intentions with the baby speaks volumes. It’s fantastic that you have such supportive friends too. In all honesty, if he is willing to walk away from a caring partner and a new baby, more fool him! You will be okay. The coming months will be challenging but you have the support and the maturity to get through it. It will have been worth every minute when little one comes along 🙂

Parenting completely changes the way you think about things; it brings about a whole new perception and makes you evaluate things differently.

Redcherries – you do have friends, you have us!

Take care guys, and remember – as the great Joan Armatrading once said, “there is more than one kind of love”. 🙂