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Ha, ha, ha…..

I only read the first comment So in response to @kanger1 I have delved into online dating.

My entrance was originally via the local pub landy who flashed her plenty of fish account infront of me and suggested it would be fun.

I didn’t have time. 3 kids, studying, new hone, new area etc.

I dismissed her suggestion and continued my venture into various groups in the pursuit for new friendships etc.

Then whilst working in the kitchen of a pub a colleague was raving about her new fella that she’d net online.

I polietly turned my nose up and continued into clubs and drunken pole dancing with a female neighbour who entertained thd idea.

I met someone. A younger male who I polietly dated until me and my ‘neighbour’ ended up hissing at each other over him. Not the lifestyle I’m looking for.

So on I went and in october 2018 met a lad who I’d been speaking to on plenty of fish. We met, we dated and although we kept drawing at stale mate we carried on until about 3 months ago.

I’d just built myself up to put myself out there again then the lockdown hit. So me and this lad have started chatting again.

Do it.

I tried speed dating first which was really intense but a good giggle.

Outside of lockdown theres quite a bit for singles you just have to put the effort in.