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I dunno where I am in my ‘relationship’.

I met a lad on plenty of fish christmas 2018 things went well until about 3 months ago.

It was all wierd. Nothing ever planned or structured always felt like I was begging him up. We kept stale mating with each other.

So a few months ago I opened myself up again. Booked up a few singles events via date in a dash, went on badoo. Arranged a date in Bethnal Green and then corona lockdown hit. All the events I’d booked up for cancelled.

Then, the crunch line, this lad messaged me. So I gave it a second pop. He came round spent the night and has now vanished. His left me feeling very used.

Im not bitter. I had plans before the covid hit to go out and socialise more and no doubt as soon as the lockdowns lifted I’ll do excatly that but I’m not really the one for second chances and its all just made me feel wierd.

Roll on for lockdown to be over so I can forget this situation.