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It sounds like you’re being given a lot of mixed information. On the one hand you’re being told he’s dangerous and abusive then on the other you’re being told you can’t do anything about protecting your child from that.

That is so unfair, I can’t imagine how you feel but it sounds very frustrating and scary and I imagine it’s taken a lot of strength and courage to deal with.

I’ve no expert advice. Can you contact any other womens organisations or perhaps domestic abuse charities to seek advice on your options?

If he’s not honest therapy probably won’t help him much but you leaving may be the push he needs to get help and take it seriously and he may prove to be a better dad than he was a husband. Ιm not saying that to stop you finding a way to limit the contact he has (which if possible seems wise given his behaviour) but if you can’t then he will have to have some contact it seems. I’ve got a mentally unstable ex, but as wild as he could be, he would never physically hurt anyone and he got help eventually.

He can’t control you, but he is part of your life for now, utilise all the family, friends and support you can to ensure you feel safe x