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I agree with Rute, doing it without him doesn’t mean doing it alone. If you have family and friends who have your back I would focus on that and utilise them as much as possible regardless of how things with your ex work out.

I was terrified when I got pregnant. I can get how it could bring out the worst in someone  but he sounds like he has consistently failed you and the baby. Mistakes are one thing, but how many times does a person have to repeat a mistake before it stops being a mistake and an accident and starts being evidence of their bad character? There has to be a line and only you can know where that is and if he has crossed it already.

He might have a lot of good things to say and he may change and learn from this but, I can understand why your friends hate him. That said it can’t be easy on you everyone saying he’s a jerk when he’s the father of your baby, and these things can be complicated. You know him and the situation better than anyone else, follow your gut, and remember you are not alone!

You are going to love that baby so much! The day I gave birth was crazy but it was the best day of my life, excited for you! X