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Have you tried Audiobooks? I used to listen to them as a child (had all the Roald Dahl ones on tape!) The cassette player would be on the landing so my sister and I could both hear the story. (You won’t believe the arguments we had about whose turn it was to get up and turn the tape over when it reached the end of the side…!)

It must have been useful, because I still use them every night at the age of 34! (I’ve progressed from Roald Dahl and now listen to my favourite John Grisham novels!) I download them on my iPhone and set a sleep timer. For those last few moments of the day I can forget my trials and tribulations and immerse myself in a story. I’m always fast asleep long before the sleep timer switches it off.

When my ex’s little girls used to come and stay, I used to put audiobooks on for them. It sent them to sleep within minutes. You don’t even have to buy them – there are loads on YouTube! Get a cheap Bluetooth speaker, put an audiobook on YouTube, check on them in 20 minutes… 😴