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Evenin’ all (proper Copper greeting there!)

Dofbeer – how did you get on yesterday? Did you go to collect your little one, did your ex comply?

I submitted my court application forms this morning; it’s a huge relief to have finally done it, as the very thought was making me anxious.

£1200 on two hearings…. ouch. I was chatting to someone recently who spent £7,500 on hearings and representation. I certainly don’t have that sort of money, so I’m going to try and represent myself. If it starts looking as though it isn’t going my way, I’ll have to hire a solicitor.

I was thinking the other day- do the police have any power to enforce contact orders? (It is a legal document after all…) or are they not interested as it is a civil matter?

I know it’s not ideal for kids to see the police rocking up (I saw it myself as a kid and it wasn’t nice)… it’s just that each time you’re being denied contact it affects your little girl as much as you. That’s what my ex doesn’t understand. She’s so hell-bent on trying to get one over on me, she can’t see that our little girl is getting caught in the crossfire.