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Just to tall

Thank you yes I know exactly what you saying. And yes I will send her another message. It just doesn’t seam fare when we where together she had a major drink problem 2 bottles of wine a night and I stud by her and looked after the kids while she drank. She was the one who cheated on me with an old mate and others I know off yet I’m the one what’s ended up losing it all. I’m the first to admit I have done the drugs. I will just have to wait over time. I just hope she isn’t drinking again as I have my suspicions she is after her ringing my brother one night at 11pm slurring her words and having a go at him because he had seen one of the kids and told them there Nan was in hospital ill. And he should have told her not the kids. So I do belive I have a right to be concerned aswell.