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Hi there,

I am a new single mum too of a 1year old.

I am now in a more familiarized area I should say, as I made myself known around the locals in town as well as neighbours.

Yet, duo to this lockdown and mostly because my family isn’t nearby, the loneliness feeling comes and knocks on my door every now and again.

I find being a mum is truly one of the best gifts ones will ever experience in life. Nevertheless, it comes with a big price, a lot of sacrifice.

It is pretty tough being a single mum, even harder if no loving ones are anywhere to offer support, but, if we focus our attention into what is most important, ourselves and our children, we can become greater mums, stronger, no one can stop us and that will reflect in our children too.

They will be strong adults one day too.

Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and we will all be able to socialise again.


Stay safe, stay well!