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try 30yrs with your ex!!! I am totally astonished that mine did it (again !- so why was I surprised???!- foolish, trusting, loved him!) Anyway, at my age its hard to”get back out there”- and quite embarrassing as well! tried online dating but its all a bit uncomfortable! Some of the sites ( but not at the moment), do evenings for singles , which may be more fun and “safer”?? Not tried it yet ! Its hard meeting people when you’ve been a couple for most of your life and all yr friends are couples! Tried tinder, POF, bumble, fitness singles! sometimes its good to simply get someone nice to chat to boost your confidence. But yes, some of them are expensive if you want to exchange messages .There are definately some odd ones out there so tread carefully!

I’m always looking for new friends, anyone near the Somerset/devon border ??I still have my 3 kids with me but they’re older teenagers.