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I feel your pain. I am an “older lady”!! Was with my partner for nearly 30yrs and he cheated on me back in 2011-13, thought we got over it. But then when we moved he did it again . So he moved out and away from where I live with the children , so he could be near his latest mistress. He still continues to lie about things. Not yet divorced & stuck in the process of financial settlement! Feeling very lonely despite having my kids here. Yes, its very depressing sometimes. You have to find and do things to make yourself feel more worthy and happy. Its hard, and you have to make yourself do these things. Try not to let the ex spoil the rest of your life (easier said than done as I’m still struggling!) It seems like your world has crumbled, and theirs is all hunky dory. It feels like they don’t give a dam about you and your feelings and future. Stay strong, don’t feel down about what you can’t do or what you should be doing. Baby steps is the way . Life will be tough for a while. You are young enough to be able to look forward to getting out there yourself and meeting someone else when we’re out of this, but don’t rush! I have realised I have to start looking at the world of online dating- which sucks! At my age its not where you expect to be! Thought I’d be retiring with mine & looking forward to more years. Not to be!