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Hi everyone. I’m new to this site.also struggling with new working and schooling from home – mainly due to having to share a laptop being used for both!  Referring to the meandering comment above, I think this situation puts everything into perspective and makes you check your priorities. X

Peaches, sorry about your job.  Sounds like you’re heading for a new career though.  I went to uni in my forties and it was tough but so glad I did.  Hope it works out for you. X

Rick. Hope you’re ok.  Very difficult at the moment.  Keep chatting on here. We are all together.  I’m thinking of getting a bike too! I’m currently walking along while my child cycles! Agree with the comments above, it’s invigorating being out in the fresh air instead of rushing to work and back. Seriously though don’t feel alone. Keep talking x

Liane, I’m almost ready to go back to work too. I miss it. X

Steve, try turn8ng it into one of those moulded ornaments (handprint etc)? X

Hope you’re all ok, Wendy x