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My case is more from the father point of view. I lived in London, my ex moves with our daughter from London to East Grinstead when we got separated. Nine months after, I moved to E.G. to be closer to my daughter. Then, one month later, she moves to Forest Row, next town 3.4 miles away. She said she moved there as they would be closer to our daughter school.

During the lockdown, I have been in North London with my girlfriend. Both of us have been totally lockdown just going out for groceries shopping. Long story short, after one and half months without seen my daughter, I would like to visit her on her birthday this week. Her mother says I can’t because I come from London. Question: Is there any rule, or guidance from the Gov, that blocks parents visiting their children if they are coming from London or another part of the country?

She also suggested to take first a COVID-19 test to be sure I do not have the virus, but I think that just applies to people with symptoms.