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I still class myself as a new dad bud as my sons only 2 this year so I might be pissing in the wind abit here, especially since I dont even have a daughter.. but.. have you taken her out on her own give her abit of 1to1 time & just asked? Benefit of kids is they cant do proper poker faces when asked directly by a parent whats actually going on, from an outside point of view, I think mummy & daddy splitting as just hit her now properly or maybe shes been bullied for what ever reason, sounds silly  but when your younger bullying is hell & any bit of TLC attention goes 100miles no matter how you get it, or maybe something from the mums side if you genuinely cant think of anything? I hate the stigma dads get especially when i know atleast 5 mums that brain wash kids against fathers, my own mum being included, .. but even still sure its nothing you wanna deal with at any stage in your life being a bloke like i cant imagine how id go about it.. but yano either way girls bodies start changing earlier then boys… so maybe just prepare yourself for that.. could be a number of things mate, she might just be going through some stuff & just want daddy to her self sort of thing, aint easy being a parent honestly couldnt imagine having a daughter myself… as soon as they start turning into women you have a better chance fighting mike tyson in his prime blind folded 😅.. can understand your stress though obviously seems like you have a tight knit unit, just maybe take some leave from work take your girl for some one to one time & send your other half on a spa day to defuse so you can all talk when your back ..