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I sent a very short message asking if he could take the boys out when he sees them today as I would appreciate a couple of hours by myself and the response was

He’s sick of me controlling him and using the kids to do it, He can’t cope with my bi-polar outbursts,  I’ve been putting him through hell with my crazy psycho attempts to control him,  and he needs to distance himself from me for his own mental health as he can’t cope with my tyranny anymore and it’s the kids he feels sorry for having to live with such a lunatic obsessive bully.

I sent back “ok so if you would prefer to take them out and not see me that’s fine”

He replied he can’t see them anymore because of how batshit my constant demands are (!?) he has tried so hard to be in their lives and I keep attacking him and trying to ruin his life with no reason to do so because of my inability to see how controlling and bullying my behaviour is so he’s dropping us all and I’m to tell the boys why he isn’t seeing them anymore.  I didn’t reply and got “You got what you wanted now haven’t you, this was your f…..plan,  well done you stopped me seeing my kids forever you selfish c…” I didn’t reply and later on “I’m never seeing you or them again thank f…”

I still haven’t replied and have no intention of doing so.

He was supposed to see them today, no contact from him yet so I can’t sleep because I’m worried about what he’s going to do, he will likely turn up causing a scene about me being an evil bi polar tyrant who suggests he takes his kids for a couple of hours because I’m evil  or he’ll turn up being nice and acting like nothing happened, knowing that I’m going to repeat the request for a couple of hours by myself and he will do the ‘victim of a crazy tyrant just let me see my kids’ ‘F… you I’m never seeing them again’ routine but this time at my house.


I know it’s manipulative BS, I know it’s planned, I know exactly what he is doing and I’m sat here having a cry because I don’t know how to stop it happening without it getting scary for the kids. Which is what he’s depending on, he knows I will back down.