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Thanks Karanspangle for your reply. I went to the doctors a few years ago about my insomnia and she gave me some tablets but it didn’t work. I even told the Dr about my ex problem but I got the impression she didn’t take me seriously and she didn’t really help. I went again last year about my anxieties, sleep and ex trouble and the Dr signed me up on a waiting list for counselling but that was it. I have been thinking about making another appointment to go to my gp but worried I will get dismissed again. I just feel like nobody takes me seriously.

I am suffering with depression but I am in denial and trying to forget it. I just think the doctors won’t help me. So I think I need to make another appointment and really express how my mental health is really in a bad way.

Im always on edge because my ex always threatens me to go to court and he continues to insult me with negative comments and emotional blackmail. It really gets me down.