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You do not need to put his name on the BC for him to have to contribute financially towards his child. If you do decide tho to put his name on the BC  that’s totally up to you, if you decide not to (if he doesn’t come with you to register your childs birth) then you don’t have to  either. It will not impact his responsibility towards the little one in any way whatsoever so don’t worry about that.

I think it sends out a wrong message to people to not have to face up to the responsibility of having a child, I personally don’t think it’s right that a person allows the other person to walk away without any financial input into the life of the little one they helped create. I think you should make him aware that he needs to contribute towards his child, hopefully voluntary. If he refuses or gives you a hard time over it I think you should open a claim with child maintenance people which can force him to pay towards his child. At the end of the day it is fully your choice. Good luck xx