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Hello there,

No. I’m not a ‘man hater’. Neither am I a ‘know it all’ . Thanks but no thanks.

The situation seems to be that the kids in this instance are lacking food at lunch time.

There may be various reasons for this one. And I’ve pointed some of these out. As has Greenfingers.

As far as I understand the situation , the mum in question (who is not posting on here)

has some issues with that. The reasons for those issues are unclear.

They may be various issues.

In my personal experience they might be:
a) the child is  being bullied and their dinner money is being stolen. Worth thinking about.

b) They have lost their dinner money as Greenfingers has said. or perhaps

c) They are spending their dinner money on something else.

Without speaking to the mum in question I would not wish to assume any of these issues.

What is fairly certain is that the mum in question appears to be in charge of day to day educational issues including school.

So surely, instead of projecting the issue onto me (and others) the father in question needs to have this dialogue with her, be supportive and find out what the reason is.

Nothing to do with me people, and I do object to certain posters on here projecting.

Responsible parents at least attempt dialogue with their other  halves.

And as far as ‘knowing it all’ is concerned. I don’t pretend and never have to be doing that.

However I do have life and parenting experience which is and has been of benefit to many on here, and

yes, I have had the positive feedback.

So sorry my opinions and experience don’t suit some people, but others find them very valuable.

all best