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Hi Adam

Thank you for your kind words, it is very hard, but getting easier all the time, as my little man is still so young that he develops and becomes more independent all the time. When I became a single mum a year ago I was still carrying him most of the time, now I have a job to get a hug when he gets home! 😉

I agree and found that one of the hardest parts of the break-up and finding a way forward, how things used to be so different and I really haven’t a clue how we ended up in as bad a place as we were when we split up. At least things have improved from there, so I’m grateful for that. I really hope you’re managing to find a way to resolve the holiday issue in a way that works for everybody. As a side note though, I’m really not sure if you share your son 50:50 that she can claim to be the main carer, I have no legal background though, that’s just my opinion.