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In my experience family courts work in the best interest of the child always. These people tend to have a common sense approach to making judgements in favour of the child. I have come up against solicitors in family court tons of times when it’s just been me with no legal training and I have been successful each time simply because I was there in the best interest of my child every time. Solicitors are not allowed to use legal jargon to to confuse you or try get the upper hand because of their training and if they do that speak directly to the judge explaining you are not legally trained and could the solicitor explain in normal terms just what they are saying. It wouldn’t go well for the sol. If you are unsure about court use the McKenzie Friend to speak on your behalf?

Before parties go into court they try and get things sorted before seeing the judge. When this happens do not believe for one min that you have to agree with what they propose. View it as your ex talking to you, would you agree with things she proposed if it was not in the best interest of your child and yourself. It is just the sol being the mouthpiece of your ex, they really are of very little importance. the important one is the judge.