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I have said to him<b> </b>that I check my emails just before contact and I also check after the contact but he doesn’t listen. I have asked him numerous times to only email me concerning Gethin but he continues to be hostile and giving me the guilt trip. I have also said that my solicitor advice me to apply for non molestation but he thinks that I am threatening him. This is not my attention. I am only trying to stop the abuse I am getting from him and get my life back. He keeps being disrespectful and uncooperative. I don’t know what else to do. I have asked my family to help with the emails but they don’t want to get involved I hate that he keeps treating me like this. It’s still emotional abuse and controlling behaviour and it’s destroying my mental health. I just wish he would leave me alone and only communicate with me about contact. Is that too much to ask! I get bad anxieties and insomnia because of this. I can’t live like this anymore.