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I wouldn’t be discussing this face to face with him but thru an email.  If it does end up back in court you will need to be seen to be doing everything you can poss do to maintain some contact even if you don’t succeed in maintaining contact between your eldest and dad. How would your eldest feel about having a little less time with dad such as not overnight (if the children are having overnight) just a couple of hours maybe and back home for bedtime? If she says yes to this put it in an email to dad, this will show you are trying to maintain contact regardless of what dad comes back with.

If it does end up with a broken contact agreement, don’t worry about it if dad takes you to court. Your not the one breaking the agreement, it is your child breaking the agreement. You can comfortably and confidently say you have done your very best to maintain contact at the level your child can deal with. No one but no one can force a child to go to spend time with someone they do not want to be with in this situation. I have broken a contact order in the past, I was taken back to court by my ex and the judge understood fully why I didn’t send my son for the overnights that were in the contact order, he came down on the side of my child not my ex. Nor did he insist that I force my child to have overnight. It isn’t all as black nd white when it comes to children and court orders.