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Rob in Leeds

Sorry to read this, what an awful situation.

Was your mediation appointment via Cafcass? I’m not an expert in this area but I believe you need to have had an appointment with Cafcass first before you can go down the court order route.

If you’ve had no legal advice then I would suggest that perhaps you should get some. Don’t be afraid of it, it should have no negative impact on your case.

You don’t have to “instruct” a lawyer, you can simply make an appointment to get advice. Some firms give you a free 30 minute first consultation, and then you pay an hourly rate as and when you may need further advice.  If you “instruct” a lawyer then that is when it can get very expensive very quickly – especially if your ex doesn’t do the same.

Do you have a mortgage and if so does it come with legal cover? If you do, and it does then call the legal helpline number on your mortgage documentation as you may find that they will cover you for this. Sounds a little odd but but worth checking – I had an employment issue years ago and the legal cover of my mortgage at the time covered me through that!

Good luck and I truly hope you get something formalised so you can spend that precious time with your son.