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do you know why your ex isn’t keen to swap?  At the moment, he has every Saturday night and Sunday for socialising. Or does he have work or an activity that takes up his Saturday evening or his Sunday.   Do the children have classes or activities on Sunday that he may not want to support?  Not keen on going to Sunday morning football practice in the cold?  Does he generally have a hangover on a Sunday morning? Is he a heavy drinker? Does he have a new partner who has children who alternate?

The existing arrangement also prevents you from going away from the weekend. Could it be that he wants to prevent you from forming a new relationship? It also prevents him from having weekends away so maybe not.

if you know what the issue is, perhaps you’d find a compromise.

What do the children want? At 12, your eldest is old enough to express a preference.

In the end, you could go through the courts to get an access order, but there is no guarantee he would stick to it.