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Sorry for jumping on this post (first time posting!), just wanted to say everything you explained Jessicajones is so helpful to me right now too. This is exactly what i’m just about to go through and had no clue how it all worked- every time i ask the lawyer a question i’m charged for the time so feel i can’t afford to have her sit and explain it all to me so at least this has given me some places to start reading up on myself thank you so much.

I have moved out and have changed the days my ex sees our 2 kids – its taken me 6months to feel strong enough to push for him having them less days. Aswell as being emotionally abusive (or partly because of) he smokes cannabis daily. He’s so dependant on it that his change in mood doesn’t come when he has a smoke, but instead when he hasn’t had it, so when he gets up in the morning he is a nightmare until he has a smoke. I lived with him with my head in the sand sheltering the kids from it but it tears me up thinking that i’ve left the kids to deal with him now themselves when i’m not there and it’s his days… anyway my difficulty is now if i go for divorce and we get to the childrens custody etc will they take me seriously when i say about drugs- will they test him? will they look at evidence i have of this? im petrified of making things worse for the kids – on paper he has a good job, from a good family etc

Anyone have experience of this?

And to the original poster Beeches this sounds so like alot of what i’m going through, good luck with it all xxx