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I really hope you find another solution re living together. This will affect your ability to think clearly (and sorry if that sounds patronising, it is not meant to be). Check out also the women’s aid website and forum survivors forum.

Yes, I think it makes a big difference knowing that you are not alone going through this. At the time when I did, years back, I didn’t know such organisations existed, and one of the worst things was thinking I was the only person on the planet going through this.

You are right in thinking they often lose interest in the kids – despite the noises they make about shared parenting etc. But then it is usually in these situations not about the kids at all, and never was, it is just about attempts to control YOU.

A long road and I dont’ envy you, but good to ‘speak’ this morning. Depending on where in the country you are, there are support groups available for women dealing with domestic abuse. And online things eg. the Freedom Programme.

Good luck, keep in touch