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Hello there Sam,

Good to hear from you and likewise good morning. Monday mornings are quite peaceful at this end and DD off to school second week of term and I’m glad for a bit of routine. I do like this site, people in the main seem very understanding and practical.

Yes, you are right, many of us are struggling. I sit there with my notebook and no matter what I do often the sums don’t add up. So I’m putting down random thoughts in a bit of a list here, hoping something might be of use:

1. Visit to Citizens Advice. There might be something you have missed on the benefits front and they can check for you.

2. Website called Turn2us in case you can’t get in to CAB think they have benefits calculator. More useful possibly is their charity grants section. Over the years and when I was really stuck I used this. There are some obscure grants on there, you put in your details, previous jobs etc religion even and the organisation contacts you, you submit a budget form, you know outgoings, incomings – don’t be ashamed of doing this – the organisations are very nice. It does take a while – to get a result back but when we first left we got a few items paid for – for example an unexpected expense like a full size bed for my daughter which she needed. There was one time also when they paid my council tax for six months. There are grants for people who have worked in all sorts of jobs, you will see.

3. Perhaps retraining? Might give you a new lease of life, college? uni? It is doable – though tricky to make the transition UC etc.

all best and have a good day