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Well that’s my issue in that I think it is all for “show”, and once the “show” is over, he will so not be interested in the norm of daily life bringing up kids, listening to their troubles, helping them with homework, washing their clothes. Parenting is not easy/fun most of the time!

Mediation didn’t work, he tried to bully/blackmail me – we were in separate rooms too!

Finances he is already starving me! I’ve been struggling with that…but kind of accepting what it is for now and hoping to just get through this hell.

I just can’t believe he’s putting the mother of his kids through this hell, but of course I don’t think he sees it like that – he is the one that is hurting! This week he got together with one of my best friends husband, and apparently he came back reporting what a terrible time my poor ex was having – grrr!

I can’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel, but scared now you have said 2 years! I just can’t bear seeing him anymore and living in the same house is just awful. I’m trying now to split our time with the kids (though he doesn’t see this as necessary) so we don’t have to spend time all together and reduce conflict for the kids and lower my anxiety levels a little! I feel like if I let him win the battle on the kids then he will move out – but then that seems selfish on my behalf as I know that wouldn’t be best for them.

Thanks for all the advice I really appreciate it! Even just knowing there is other people out there who have had similar struggles makes me feel more positive and feel like I can get through this.