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Hi jj

yes I completely feel like I’m running to keep on top of life and it fails me immensely most days.

i only have one so it must be so hard with more children.

i think it’s sensible de cluttering. I had to downsize drastically when my ex left and so in the build up to that I cleared out what I could – things I hoarded in the hope if a second child that had sentimental meaning suddenly I had to be brutal with.
When I got into our new home I realised I still had way too much stuff and so again sold what I could and used it to help pay the bills.
I try to regularly have a purge where I encourage my son and I to go through our things to see what we no longer need and either give it to charity or sell it. I also encourage this when we bring new things into the house. I don’t like my house now and I hope to be in a position to move at some point and I feel the more I’m on top of it the less ominous the task will be.

it also helps me feel less claustrophobic in a smaller house. I often feel trapped because I can’t just go for a walk on my own with a dog (she is no longer with us and I can’t afford another) or get a few minutes me time because of all the jobs at home as well as work. So clearing out and regularly changing the space around makes me feel a bit better for a few weeks at least.

ive had to do a lot of work in this house and it’s so hard doing it alone and with a child running around. Plus I also find that tasks that people tell me are simple jobs and complex for me as it’s not something I’ve had to do before. That also makes it harder and I feel overwhelmed.

I think you commented on another post about keeping on top of things and dealing with post as it comes is a great idea. I do this too and also take the recycling out daily and the food and normal waste once every couple of day’s. I try to tidy something daily, whether it’s some washing away, washing into the machine ready to go on, washing up away etc.

I also this year have a diary. I find this helps me feel less trapped as I can see what I can look forward to and also how to plan my time. Sounds mad as I’m even writing in it when I’ll do the shopping. I find it helps get it out of my head!

i don’t like being a single parent. It doesn’t suit the person I am, but my son’s father left 3 years ago. He was vile to me and this year I refuse to let him rob any more of my life from me. I’m going to give us the best life I can.

I hope the feelings improve for you!
taje care of yourself


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