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Firstly, I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this, it sounds horrible.


I don’t know about the separation/divorce bit, but you completely and utterly deserve someone better. Mental illness isn’t an excuse to treat someone badly in this way.


As for working, I myself had to quit working when I had my twins and may leave ran out, as my oldest wasn’t yet 3 when they were born. I felt guilty for taking benefits, but as it was explained to me, I’ve worked for years paying in with my NI and taxes, so I deserve a bit of help while I get on my feet, and sort out the kids at school etc.. I actually get the same as I would have in wages (after tax) in universal credit. I do get a little extra because I’m classed as my son’s career as he’s autistic, but that all goes on his toiletries and care needs anyway, so I haven’t really gained or lost anything by quitting. There’s some good UC calculators online if you want to see what you might get yourself.

Good luck with whatever you decide xx