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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.  He was messaging me again today threatning to take me to court and block my parents seeing the kids etc. I have repeatedly told him that I would be happy to arrange visitation via mediation. I dont wish to cut him or his parents out of the kids lives. Im not interested in tit for tat or point scoring. I just want us all to move on and the kids to be happy.

He is demanding to see the kids before mediation but due to the hostility of the situation I felt it was best for visitation to start as it means to go on and be structured so the kids have security and stability. Not only that but also to avoid any further arguments or breaking of agreements it is better to have everything done official. I should also say that he spent the last 2 years doing rotation in another country where he spent 3 weeks working away at a time and so the kids are used to spells of not seeing him in person and I have arranged to do video calls 2 evenings a week so he and the children can keep in contact until this is resolved.

But he is still trying everything to be difficult and nasty and to discredit me.