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Hi BigALittleB,

I am so sorry for what you are going through. I would never have been brave enough to connect with others on this website after two days. But two days or two years, the loneliness seems endless to me at times. I’ve noticed that it normally gets to me at a time when families are meant to be together – like now. Then the silence just seems so much more overwhelming to me. Once I had to rush out of the house for a few minutes so that my kids didn’t see.

I have two kids, now 16 and 14. My elder one had hacked dad’s phone and read all about his affairs and kept quiet about it. Now self-harming. I think I have only got this far because of the kids – the need to keep going for them. I haven’t really given much thought to myself so far, if I’m honest.

It must have been such a shock for you. I can’t offer good advice myself, but I am here if I can ever be of help