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Thank you for your comments. I am waiting to enrol on a course with womans aid to work on my own esteem and anxiety in the hope that I can be more support for my daughter. We have made a list of her triggers and I have done things like brought her a set of plates and towels that only she uses and she doesn’t like the thought of someone else using them, even if it’s been washed and I dont have people around etc as she doesn’t like the noise but obviously it’s just hard as sometimes I just tell her I’m not going to stop my sons from being children then she takes it the wrong way, like I am choosing their happiness over hers. It doesn’t help that I contacted childrens services for help and they accidentally rang my ex so he thinks someone has referred me to social services and is revelling in it.

I guess it will all work out, I will look into the suggestions that you have all made.

I want to continue with my studies so that my daughter can see that this situation doesn’t define us or stop us from moving on and I hope that it has a positive effect on her. In the meantime I will attend all the parenting courses I need to and I will get her back to another doctor who might listen to her this time.


Thank you all for the support and advice.