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LouLou and Katie I’m.sorry to hear your also going through a hard time! I was going to think about a double barrel surname until he has literally shown zero support I’ve decided this baby will have my surname as it will be living with me and who knows what effort he will actually put in when the baby is born! In a way it would of been easier if he walked away instead of the odd text every few weeks now to clear his conscience asking how I am! I feel the same! I have people around me so I’m not alone but feel it! I find nights more emotional and I find myself going to bed early to have a cry! I cant believe you also have to go through his partner reporting things that’s terrible! I really am.starting to realise I am better alone and relying on myself! Aww thank you! It definitely helps hearing others life stories and seeing how well you are coping! I wish you all a lovely Christmas x