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Thank you for your message!! I’m sorry but what an absolute B*****D!! I honestly cant imagine what you are going through! Your children are so lucky to have a strong mum like you who is continuing to bring them up and look after the bump, all people keep telling me is it will take time to heal which I agree but deep down will it actually ever, how do men get away with just treating women like this then just expect us to be fine, the worse thing is they think there innocent!! Why do they get to choose as and when they should be involved, its like we impregnated ourselves! Aww thank you it has definitely helped coming on here and getting messages knowing so many people are going through this and even worse then me! I agree I feel like I’m boring them to death and am just the friend who is always moaning at the moment. I’m scared as it is my first but I cannot wait to be a mum! I hope things work out for you! What I do know is were all better off without them. Em