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Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for your support!

I managed to get through what would of been the anniversary… I started the day off on a bad with the kids seeming to totally understand that mummy didn’t feel great that day so refusing to do a single thing I asked, bickered with each other and even through tantrums I think they had solely kept just for that day 😲.

Then in the car on the way from dropping them to school and nursery I was trying so hard to keep it together in the playground I knew I had taken my eldest to school, I knew I had dropped him off but for some reason in my head anxiety kicked in and I know it sounds ridiculous but I went blank and in my head couldn’t remember watching him go into class so ended up phoning the school and sounding totally ridiculous when I tried to ask “I know I took my child to school but did I actually?”.

After all this the traffic came and so did the tears only this time I wasn’t prepared with tissues OH NO so I had to improvise by wiping away my tears with a pair of my sons clean spiderman pants I found in my back pack!

after this I realised… I’m gunna have many anniversary that would of been BUT I’m also gunna have many new experiences too… Exciting, scary but new things to look forward too AND it could of been worse they could of been dirty pants, and after that I was OK 😊 xxxxx