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I completely understand how you feel. I really struggled when I worked full time and had 3 kids to take care of. I hated the chaos and mess. Can you get someone to help you get on top of things? A friend or family member? Once you have everything in order it makes it easier to maintain. I usually start the mornings with the basics, dishes, bed making, general tidying. That takes about 40 mins. Then I do one job a day, I.e one day washing and putting away clothes, one day clean bathroom,one day dust and Hoover bedrooms etc. By doing a job each day it doesn’t take your entire day up, and it still gets done. Also depending on your kids ages, get them to help out. Mine are 8,10 and 13 and they all have their jobs to do (washing dishes in the evening, taking out rubbish etc)

As I said before I think the hardest part is getting on top of it all. Once you’re there it is manageable. I only work an hour a day now and quite often find I’m sat around with nothing to do as the house is in order. My baby is due in 8 weeks though so I’m trying to appreciate the boredom lol.

Good luck and I hope you get it sorted x