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How old are you little one/‘s?
I became a single parent before my little one was born and I really struggled with what you’re facing now. I was 33 and selfish, then I had to clean, tidy, sterilise and care for a little one! It took a few months to realise, it really doesn’t matter how tidy your house is and as long as the kid/‘s have clean clothes and a meal wether that be a quick meal or a thought out one…. you’re fine, you’re not a failure!! Never ever think you’re a failure when you’re raising children!
make batches of food that you can freeze you’ve always got a meal then and washing just pile lights and darks onto the kitchen/ bathroom floor and put a wash on once they’re in bed. Don’t let it overwhelm you. They honestly don’t give a shit about the things you’re worrying about!!! All they need is love! My little on is now  28  months old, she’s in and out of the house in her wellies and the mud covered dog follows! The house resembles a field 80% of the time!! But I can honestly say, she’s happy!
let go, don’t panic and enjoy the child/children 😉