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So sad to hear, I empathise.

There could be many reasons you are facing these issues. If you are safe in the knowledge that your son is not being harmed at school and that the school have no concerns then accept that.

Most often the issue is with ourselves. Our children sense when we are tired, or unhappy and since they can’t comprehend the exact feeling, they act out. It’s natural for children who have spent so much time one on one will feel uncomfortable when change occurs but this is part of live, developing and growing.

So ensure you take time for yourself so that you are calm and collected on dropping off and collecting. Try instill a little independence in  your child when they are at home so that when separation is expectant, it’s an easier process.  Self care is the most important thing you can do today. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Other things to try is change the routine. Routine is positive in some respects, bedtime, bathing etc but negative in others. Routinely crying on drop offs is negative but in time children will grow out of this. Busy your child with other activities they can perform on their own as much as possible and rewarding children for good behaviour is positive. Never reward with food or sweets. Reward with quite time, love and attention.

Good luck !