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We are in similar situation only that I had non-molestation order against ex that expired this summer. My girl now 11 and a half stopped contact with him last summer and this Sept he took me to court with claims I manipulated my daughter in hating him. If he does take you to court you will be contacted by  cafcass  and they write a recommendation to the court. if there is an accusation of domestic violence, the court usually request a section 7 report from cafcas or local children’s services if they are already involved or had been involved recently. My advice if he is nasty in emails to you don’t block him gather evidence of his behaviour and if he threatens you in writing you may apply for nonmolestation order to protect yourself from his abuse.if you have verbal contact record conversation without his knowledge. .At her age, she will be able to express her wishes if it comes to court.gether as much evidence of his abusive behaviour towards your children as you can.if her anxiety is high you may also ask for a referral to camhs so she can speak with them about how her father’s behaviour affects her it may help her to deal with her emotions. Older she is more her wishes will be taken under consideration by the court.