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Kathymumofone is right, you are not failing your son, its the government that are failing you, me and many other people, the amount of people in ‘in work poverty’ are staggering.

I literally take any work I can get being self employed, some of it I hate, some of it so poorly paid it’s barely worth doing but I have no choice, I’m not in any major debt but I just manage to keep my head above water, I’m frightened to death to even have a couple of days off sick as money is that tight.

Sherima is also right by saying diesel cars are more expensive, my main trade is a mechanic and I despair when people tell me they’ve brought a diesel car, the only time a diesel car should be used are if your a rep travelling hundreds of miles a week, for doing shorter journeys you just can’t beat petrol. On top of that while diesel engines are fairly reliable when they do go wrong the costs can be astronomical. It might be worth you looking at swapping cars for a petrol one.