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Thanks for the replies, I have appointment with citizens advice next week to discuss it. I’m on ESA and she’s in full time employment at the moment we split the benefit every month but that just covers the extra room rate I have to pay. I spoke to a friend and he said that I should claim the child benefit and that I would probably get it because she’s in full time employment and has the opportunity to increase her income where as I’m on benefits I don’t. I don’t know if that is true.I have asked her about signing it over to me and she says that if people ask who the main career is it would be the person claiming the child benefit and she doesn’t want that to be me. I told her that was silly as we share custody but I think she’s just being selfish. I can understand her somewhat as my disability has stop me from working I have been a stay at home parent while she went to work/university and she feels our son loves me more because of this, I’ve told her he loves us both but she still has that doubt and that’s why she won’t sign it over. but I don’t want things to get nasty between us because of this but I just want to move on with things.